Ten years ago: here comes Mac OS X Server

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On Jan. 5, 1999, during the Macworld Expo, Apple announced Mac OS X Server as its’ new server operating system offering, which was declared to combine “the proven strength of Unix with the simplicity of Macintosh”.

Mac OS X Server 1

In the original press release it is stated that

Mac OS X is built on the high-performance Mach microkernel and BSD 4.4, and includes the Apache HTTP web server and WebObjects application server

OpenStepwhich were all features coming from the adoption of NeXT’s operating system.
This evolution, which was called “Rhapsody”, was modified in the interface to resemble the Mac OS and also had the addition of new and old Apple technologies such as NetBoot and support for ColorSync and QuickTime.

Mac OS X Server required 64MB of RAM, a 1GB hard drive and a CD-ROM drive and supported all Power Macintosh G3 systems but was specifically optimized (and marketed) for Appleā€™s new blue and white G3s, also announced at Macworld 1999.

The product actually shipped in march at a lower price, only USD 499, instead of the “estimated” 999 mentioned by Steve Jobs in January during his Keynote.

Monday 05 January 2009, 1:38 pm
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  1. thank you for sharing …. ten years ago I was moving my first steps on-line and had only the chance to use some Apple machine @ University ….

    i do still remember the arrival of the first G3 equiped mac in our lab …

    Comment by kOoLiNuS — January 5, 2009 @ 2:04 pm

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