Larry, John, Steve, and Bruce

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If you click on the About menu item under System 6, on the right you can see a list of names: Larry, John, Steve, and Bruce. These are the names of the developers of this version of the Finder, the interface of the Macintosh

Finder 6.1.8

At the time Apple still used to give credit to developers by allowing them to appear in the info boxes of the software they had created. Usually their names appeared in full, sometimes even with pictures, but here all we have are the first names. Let’s see who these four are.

The last two, are the easiest to guess: they are of course Steve Capps and Bruce Horn.
Horn is the creator of the original Finder, a task in which he had the crucial assistance of Capps, who later had a key role in the Newton.

Larry is Larry Kenyon, longtime Apple and Mac developer. Kenyon, among other things, worked on Multifinder, the version of the Finder that starting from System 5 allowed Macintosh users to keep open many applications and switch between them bringing their windows to the front.

John is John Meier, who also worked on the Newton project and would keep on being a developer of subsequent versions of the Finder, the only one of the four names to do so.

Monday 15 February 2010, 6:26 pm
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