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There is a kinship between Stories of Apple and Riccardo Mori‘s System Folder blog.

My Classic Setup - nda (02)We both share a mix of love and curiosity for the history of Apple and see it worthwile to delve and discover interesting tidbits of information and trivia to better understand the past, the present and even the future of the company at Infinite Loop.

This is why I answered Riccardo’s call to “vintage Mac geeks out there” to share their “corner, small desk, or other secondary space with their vintage setup”, i.e. nothing newer than Mac OS 9.

The questions he asks are the following:

What does your desk look like? [Photos here]

What is your vintage Mac setup?

Why are you using this setup?

What software do you use, and for what do you use it?

If you are using older Macs and feel like sharing a small piece of your Mac world please do write him at: rick [at] compunabula [dot] com

In the meantime I’d like to point out the first installment of “My Classic Setup”. It features the answers of yours truly, describing the two PowerBook G3s still actively in use in the house.

Monday 22 March 2010, 7:22 pm
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