2017: a big year for Apple users and enthusiasts

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In 2017 we not only celebrate 40 years of Apple’s rebirth as a real business in the form of a Corporation, but also:

  1. -) 40 years of the Apple II, Apple’s first mass-produced computer

  2. -) 30 years of the Mac II, the first “open” Mac and the first post-Jobs computer for the rest of us and 30 years of HyperCard, Bill Atkinson’s higly influential multimedia hypertextual wonder tool

  3. -) 25 years of Apple’s introduction of the PDA (not yet called Newton)

  4. -) 20 years of the launch of the PowerPC G3 line

  5. -) 20 years of the “Think Different” campaign, which signalled the resurgence of Apple, and also Steve Jobs becoming CEO of the company he founded

  6. -) 20 years since the first NeXT-powered OS for Macs and 20 years since Apple unveiled its online store, also powered by NeXT technology

  7. -) 10 years of the iPhone, of course, and later on, 10 years of the iPhone’s little brother, the iPod touch

In other words the above list is a rough plan of what will be some of the main Stories of Apple on Patreon: if you want to read those stories, become a Patron!

P.S. if you opt for a “Chief Operating Officer” (or higher) reward YOU can vote and choose which of these anniversaries will become article features!

Wednesday 15 February 2017, 2:08 pm

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